Two Brothers & A Team

Walters Weddings is led by two brothers, Yorkali and Yorkwin and draws on over 20 years of collective experience. Our team is strengthened by a cadre of associates and assistants, all trained and mentored by the company’s founders. Our experience, intuition, innovation and attention to detail is ready to be poured into making your special day an unforgettable event.


YorkAli ~
Founder, Lead Photographer

Photography has been more than a passion for me. It’s the way I have seen the world since childhood. Ever since the ability to hold a pencil I have been an artist. Capturing shapes and forms on paper has always fascinated me whether it has been cars, buildings, people or landscapes. Freezing the moment in it’s most elegant form has continuously given me joy. This joy has been taken into the world of photography professionally and it has been an awesome experience. Sharing in the happiest days of peoples’ lives and being able to make it more so, is quite unmatched by any professional endeavor I have undertaken. Encapsulating emotions that vibrate eternally in mere nano-seconds….that for me is nothing short….of magical.

Yorkwin ~
Founder, Principal Film-maker

It truly does pay to follow your dream. For in doing so you will walk that path with greater joy. Though I began my tertiary years in the world of bits and bytes I soon realized my true calling was in the world of video and film. Although my brother will wax poetic about the frozen still image, the moving frame brings so much life…to life. Added to that the textures of sound from familiar voices and places add so much to an experience as only a moving picture can. With this as my medium and the cinematic approach as my guide the memories we capture for you will surely leave and unforgettable mark in time and many, many minds.